The boy who drank stars

Benjamin Fiske. Writer, amateur photographer, beautiful dreamer.

Lick my fingers

turn the pages

tear out a sheet for a letter

on goes the ink

seal it with blood

may it reach where it
needs to be

may it touch you
in more than one way…

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It’s heartbreaking reading statuses from people who are losing their friends and family. Even more so when I see that it’s someone so young. It reminds me that all life is precious and just like a candle in the wind, it could be blown out. I love every one of you and I wish you all a long, happy life. <3

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A friend told me that he googled “gay bears kissing”, and a pic of me came up… It’s true. Lol

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Anonymous asked:
Weren't u gonna be in a porn film? Where can I find it? :p

I was in one. It was released. Happy hunting. :p

pizza, pillow forts, and warmth on
an evening of fall

you climb into the fort first

I follow

we lay and imagine the stars above
our head

I imagine you and I drinking them

giggles, chuckles, more warmth

our fingers play games

our eyes avoid the lock on
for a moment

then we’re pressed

in this small space

compacting the space between us with
friction and sweat

this moment we’d imagine carry us away

and perhaps for a moment, we’re out of focus

the world cannot see what trouble we’re getting in
and that’s quite alright

I drink your lips and savor this moment

our hands tell different stories, but with the same

we’re hot and bothered…

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