The boy who drank stars

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bear films

So after obtaining and viewing my photo set, it was enough to motivate me to go back to the gym..I was a little disturbed at how I appear on camera.  Time to fixxxxxxxx.

I posted 2 pics from the shoot on the other blog for those interested.

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My first hook up -mad libs style

I was sweating.  My nerves were (adjective).  I opened the front door to be greeted by this (shape) bearded guy.  He was of average height with (color) colored hair styled in a rat tail.  His shirt was cut off halfway up his belly.  The sight of that really got my (body part) going. I began to imagine his ass smelling like (your least favorite vegetable).  Delicious!!  ”Are you ready to bang our (any type of fish)?  I licked my lips and let him enter.  He moved into the living room, removing his shirt all the while.  My heart began to race at the sight of that ass.  I began to rub the throbbit than began to bulge in my jeans.  ”MMM daddy.  Stick that (favorite meat product) into my juicy man clam.”  I unzipped, and removed my pants in a haste, all the while, my undies filled with warm paste.  The smell of my own man paste filled my nostrils and got my (favorite meat product) as hard as a prosthetic leg.  I removed my undies, now heavy with pleasant soak and dropped them with a splash.  He got down to his knees and gobbled my little throbbit (favorite meat product).  I let out a (adjective) moan.  His head (verb)(adjective) against my crotch.  My (favorite meat product) hitting the back of his throat.   

Oak grove cemetery in fall river, Ma… Lizzie Borden is buried here.

The next book I’m releasing will contain poetry I’ve already posted mixed with some unreleased work.  It will all be in one place for those interested.  I’m reworking the poetry as well.